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VIDEO FORECAST: A Peek at the REAL CK Weatherman

A few people have e-mailed me/spoken to me in person about my forecast videos on this blog:

“How come they aren’t funny, Matt?”

Gee, thanks 🙂

When I e-mailed the Kitsap Sun about my desire to host a weather blog, I gave them a link to my YouTube videos and they told me they liked them and would like to see them on the blog. In my mind, I said, “Hey, if the Kitsap Sun staff is ok with my goofy YouTube videos, I should be OK, right?”

Well for whatever reason the professional atmosphere of this blog has intimidated me just a little bit to the point where my video forecasts are pretty informative, straight forward and to the point. Not that that’s a bad thing because I know people on this blog don’t exactly expect a “Saturday Night Live” skit, but I don’t think I’ve been showing my true passion for weather through my videos lately!

Anyway, this evening I decided to loosen up and host the weather video I produced for my school broadcast this morning. It is certainly a different approach to weather than what all my readers of this blog are used to, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

(P.S. I use the term “senioritis” in my weather broadcast. For those who don’t know what that is, no it isn’t a terrible physical sickness…it is a make-believe emotional/mental sickness that all seniors in high school go through during the last two months of school, and it usually occurs after AP Testing. You know you have senioritis if as a senior: you are not motivated to do anything anymore school-wise, you find that getting up at 6:30 is physically impossible and typically cry yourself back to sleep and get to school late, and/or you purposely fail tests/quizzes because you “know” they don’t matter anymore anyway. It is a horrible sickness and there is only one cure: graduation 🙂 )

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap