20 thoughts on “VIDEO FORECAST: Jaw-dropping May Weather Stats!

  1. LIKE this guy! First time I’ve seen him. Appreciate a forecast dedicated to Kitsap for a change! Good job.

  2. Matt,

    How do you think our summer will look?

    Below avg is what I am hearing. Plus Brett Anderson says we will reach 100 in 2020 u agree?

    1. Eric:

      It is looking likely that we’ll experience a pretty average summer with normal temperatures (low to mid 70s) and normal precipitation. I think we’ll see a sluggish start to summer with a particularly unpleasant June, but overall it will be a good one.

      I think we could hit 100 much sooner than Brett is predicting, quite honestly. We were close to hitting 100 last July!! 🙂

  3. Why will June be unpleasent? Too much rain? I was thinking of setting up the tent outside.

    What line do we have to have to hit 100 and what height?

    1. I’d say a 585-590 line would be 100 degrees. That would be incredible!

      June looks unpleasant only because we are still in a weak La Nina state and that means more drippy, cool weather. But we should officially be neutral by July 🙂

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