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Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, It’s Off To More Fall-like Weather We Go!

“But May isn’t supposed to be like this!”

April showers bring May flowers? Yeah right. So far we’ve had two windstorms, two rainstorms, mountain snow and cold temperatures. April had those moments too, but c’mon…it’s May! Speaking of April, the NOAA released its national temperature record for April 2009 and here’s what they have:



I think we all knew April was a chilly month so the above map probably isn’t too shocking, but I guess because we are now in the month of May expectations are soaring for beautiful weather, as they should be. So let’s break down the forecast:

The ugly weather will be here for the beginning of the week (that seems to have been the trend over the past few weeks, actually) with a pretty wet system moving in tonight and harassing us most of the day tomorrow before we calm down for Monday night into Tuesday morning. The break will be short lived though as a few organized bands of rain will move through the region during the day. Highs both Monday and Tuesday will be in the low to mid 50s, so it will be significantly colder than normal.

Wednesday looks like a typical partly sunny day with showers, but Thursday looks like an active day with partly sunny moments and dark, rainy moments with a hail/thunderstorm possible in the afternoon as a convergence zone sags into our area. Highs will stay in the 50s.

It appears a ridge of high pressure will build in Thursday night delivering sunshine and warmer temperatures for Friday and the weekend! Great timing! But let’s hope this lasts…I don’t know how much more of this active weather I can take! 😉 (ok, to be honest I wouldn’t mind more active weather! But shhh…don’t tell!)

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap




Wonderful Weather for Our Wonderful Mothers!


After a week of AP testing and other tedious school projects, I am finally able to log back on and make some weather blog posts!

My mother woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine and considered that my Mother’s Day gift to her. Of course, I consulted Mother Nature and arranged for a mild, partly sunny day. My other gift was Alec Greven’s How to Talk to Moms. It’s quite hilarious. I recommend it, especially because it is written by a 9-year-old 🙂

Also, is it just my mom or do all moms wake up really early in the morning? All of us kids woke up at 9:00 and mom was already up. We pushed her back into bed (ok, we didn’t really PUSH her, but you know what I mean…) and told her to wait for breakfast. What’s Mother’s Day without breakfast in bed?

I hope all of you mothers have a beautiful and relaxing day today and I’ll post a 7 day weather update this evening. 🙂

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap