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**WINDSTORM UPDATE–Dubbed “The May Monster”

**A WIND ADVISORY is still in effect from 8 PM this evening to 11 AM tomorrow morning. An unseasonably strong windstorm is projected to pound areas of Western Washington tonight, click here for the report from the National Weather Service**


“The May Monster”

That has quite the ring to it! And it is aptly named. You don’t have to have a meteorology degree to look at the above satellite picture and know that what is and has been brewing in the Pacific Ocean right off our coast is an impressive, tightly-wound son of a gun. There is some good news as new details have come in so let’s break this down:

It appears the track of this storm will prevent anything TOO destructive from hitting the inland locations of Western Washington because the projected landfall is on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, bringing us moderately breezy to windy conditions versus an all out assault of wind and rain.

Also, this storm will be relatively short-lived. Expect the windiest weather to occur overnight into early tomorrow morning, which could prove a good thing because a windstorm in the middle of the day is less than ideal. By Tuesday morning we should actually see some sunbreaks and calmer weather so you should all be sleeping through the worst of it—that is, unless the wind doesn’t wake you up! Oooh, that reminds me…you should probably tie down anything that could be tossed away by the wind outside. If you didn’t see what happened at my house during Saturday’s storm, here’s the picture again:


So yeah…lesson learned 🙂 To find out more on how this affects the commute, especially along the Hood Canal click here

The sun returns for the latter part of this week and into the weekend, but I’m hesitant to make it a COMPLETELY dry weekened. I’ll wait another day before I completely yank out the showers.

Have a safe night! Get those flashlights ready 🙂

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap




**WIND ADVISORY HAS BEEN ISSUED**–Update on Tonight’s Rare Windstorm

**A WIND ADVISORY has been issued by the National Weather Service in Seattle due to an impending late season storm typically seen in late fall/early winter rather than the beginning of May. Click here for the report**

We’re still on track for a very impressive late-season storm that will bring sustained winds of 20+ mph and gusts of 40+ mph. A High Wind Watch has also been posted for the coast with gusts as high as 60 mph, so if you have any plans to visit the coast between this evening and tomorrow afternoon, you may think about making alternate plans…

Isn’t this crazy? I don’t remember ever hearing about or forecasting such a strong storm so late in the spring. I’ll do some research on exactly how rare this event is, but I’m pretty darn sure this doesn’t happen often. Heck, we already went through a wind/rain storm this past weekend, so if tonight’s windstorm pans out we could be looking at two very strong spring storms within the span of two days.


More updates this evening

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap