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Summer 2009 Weather Forecast Released


So here’s the big question: are we in for a hot, dry summer this year? Or a slow start to the season like last year? Well, if we’re to believe long range monthly outlooks (which are usually guidelines rather than precise fortune tellers) we could be in for a pretty typical summer.

According to Canadian long range forecaster Brett Anderson, we could see a sluggish start to summer with a cooler and wetter than normal June, but once we hit July summer will begin in the Northwest. This far out it is impossible to predict if we’ll see any heatwaves, but if we’re going to have them July would be the month.

August is typically our driest and warmest month and while it will be dry, it doesn’t look as warm as July. That’s not to say it’ll be cooler than normal just typical, meaning average high temperatures in the mid 70s.

And then we’re given a clue into how Fall 2009 may start out: September, at this time, looks cold and wet but no more detail is necessary because that’s five months away.

So overall it looks like a very pleasant summer is on the way with periods of refreshingly cool weather and hot weather just to make things interesting. Of course, humidity will be low which makes Northwest summers so enjoyable. Here’s to a pleasantly warm and seasonable summer! 🙂

The forecast for the short term isn’t nearly as optimistic but it isn’t all that bad either. After a mostly cloudy and wet day today you’ll be glad to know more in the way of sunbreaks is in store for your Sunday. It won’t be completely rain free, but it will be an overall nicer day. Highs will struggle to hit the 60 degree mark.

Monday starts out cloudy and damp but a stronger system barrels in Monday evening through Tuesday morning making it look more like early April than early May. In fact, this system looks unseasonably strong so I’ll keep an eye on it. Some breezy winds could come along for the ride as well so keep that in mind.

A “blah” mix of cloudy skies, rain showers and peeks of sunshine rule the remainder of the forecast, but there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of the week and into next weekend we could say hello to the sunshine again as highs bounce into the 60s.

How many of you wish we had a fast forward button on the weather?

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap