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Swine Flu: How Weather Can Play a Role in Sickness Part 1


I guess after reading this article it makes sense: weather has played and continues to play a role in spreading sickness—and the swine flu is no exception. (By the way…this is allergies season and I have created a new poll about it. Do you suffer from them? Or did you luck out?)

“Accuweather.com reports that warmer temperatures mean more gatherings/outdoor events resulting in a higher risk of associating with someone who is infected with the disease, which can be up to 7 days. A simple sneeze or cough in a public place can allow a dispersion of the virus thereby expanding the outbreak.”

Accuweather also notes: “the warmer spring weather also means more vacations and more people traveling. That means some of the cases might be related to people traveling into Mexico, the outbreak’s epicenter.” Accuweather.com Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity says to be safe, before traveling it would be wise to check the CDC website for travel restrictions/more information concerning the outbreak.

Thankfully there have been no reports of swine flu in Washington (*knock on wood*) and I sure hope it stays that way. For some good tips on how to stay safe/healthy during this outbreak you can click here.

Now let’s talk about the weather. This morning was certainly wet and cloudy as predicted but the sun has come out and what you see outside right now will be the trend over the next few days. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look partly to mostly sunny with highs starting out in the low 60s Wednesday but jumping to the upper 60s by Friday. So this means a good weekend, right!

Ehhh…not exactly. Models have been having a tough time with the forecast pattern for Saturday but they paint a generally wet and cloudy day with Sunday being the better of the two. It’ll also be cooler with highs dropping back to the 50s/low 60s.

Long range pattern? Still looking kinda cool and showery…not where I’d like to see us headed. But then again, as a staff member at school “April showers bring May flowers, but May flowers still bring May showers.” I suppose that’s the tradeoff 🙂

Have a great evening and be safe!

Matthew Leach

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