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Suffering From Allergies? Here’s Your Pollen Count

Mother Nature left a present on my car this morning!



Pollen is everywhere! Why?

Pollen tends to thrive in warmer and drier air which resulted in high pollen levels yesterday. Today the pollen has weakened due to higher dewpoints and lower temperatures but tomorrow will serve to be another day with high pollen. Here’s the pollen forecast for today:


and the pollen forecast for tomorrow:


Predominant pollen: Mulberry, Sycamore and Ash (for the link to daily pollen forecasts click here)

So I suppose the warmer and sunnier weather will have to come at a price! But there are a few forecast wrinkles that may not make this week as stunning as it was looking (but then again we are still in spring after all and 7 days of beautiful sunny weather usually ends up looking to good to be true).

Tomorrow will be partly sunny but look for increasing rain showers likely in the evening. This means a moist Monday morning but the rest of the day should be seasonable with partly sunny skies.

A system approaches our area for Tuesday which means it looks cloudier and wetter than previous models were forecasting. It’ll also be a smidgen cooler. The sun and warmer temperatures in the 60s break out from Wednesday through Friday before a larger storm system looks to affect the area Saturday. I REALLY hope that changes because Saturday is “Super Saturday” for the CK School District and it’d be nice to do outdoor work in sunny weather. We’ll see!

The long range forecast has really been waffling but the general trend is for cooler than normal temperatures (highs in the 50s) with a series of wet systems. Long range forecaster Brett Anderson of AccuWeather.com agrees with this forecast as well and actually predicts most of May will be chilly and wet. Great!…NOT

Well, I suppose the best thing we can do is soak up all the nice sunny days ahead just in case we never seem them again 🙂 Stay in there allergy sufferers!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap