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POLL: So Far This Spring Has Been…


In last weeks poll, “What is Your Favorite Weatherman Pick-up Line?” the line: “I better post a High Wind Warning because you’re blowing me away!” was the reader favorite with “Your heart is as warm as a strong El Nino; will you be my La Nina?” coming in second place. Hope you had some fun with those!

This weeks poll is one I’ve been meaning to ask you guys: what is your opinion on this spring? I actually asked quite a few staff members/students at my school about their thoughts concerning this spring and not everyone’s answer was the same. So, I decided to put it to the test to see what you think about our temperatures/precipitation since spring began in March.

Now let’s talk about weather 🙂 A Forecasting Kitsap reader asked me today if we can ever have heat waves/warm episodes from warm air that filters from the south like California or Mexico. The answer is absolutely! In fact, our most recent warm episode early this week was partly due to a warm thermal pocket enveloping the southwest. From time to time we get a taste of that and early this week we most certainly did! In the summer we can also have those southerly winds that bring in warm air into our region. Good question!

The forecast for tomorrow will be very similar to day except without the rain. That means partly sunny skies and pleasant high temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s.

A minor system affects us Saturday which should bring nothing more than some cloud cover and a few sprinkles. Highs will cool to the mid to upper 50s.

And then we exhale in relief as the rest of the forecast consists of mostly sunny skies and high temps in the low to mid 60s. Is there a chance to reach the 70s again? You bet, but right now it is looking like just a mild ridge as opposed to a warm ridge.

Have a great evening and enjoy the sunshine!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap