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Beautiful Day For a Picnic! Who Wants Seconds?


The type of weather we experienced today might be compared to your favorite meal…if you only have one helping, you feel good but not quite satisfied. Would you like a  little more Sunshine Surprise for tomorrow as well? Ok, we can give that to you and how about Tuesday? Thirds are always nice unless you’re on a diet. But c’mon, who is on a sunshine diet?

Tonight expect mostly clear skies ahead of the crystal clear skies tomorrow. Highs will be quite warm in the low to mid 70s. Today’s high was 68 degrees, just a couple degrees shy of the predicted 70, so even if I’m a couple degrees off tomorrow’s temperature, EVERYONE will still be happy. Mmmm that second helping feels good!

Models have come around to the idea of a slower break down of our nice ridge so mild temperatures and sunshine will be the theme for Tuesday was well. Highs will be just a couple degrees cooler than tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s. Are you full yet?

Wednesday now doesn’t look as cloudy and wet with only a few showers here and there (don’t you love it when the forecast models back off on precipitation like this? If we were in December and talking about snow I’d be a little disappointed, but now I’m perfectly fine with it!). Thursday, Friday and the weekend look quite similar with non-threatening rain showers and partly to mostly cloudy skies.

In fact, peeking at the long range no real threatening storms look likely in the future with possibly some more warm episodes for mid to late week next week.

I guess we’re going on a rain and clouds diet versus a sunshine diet!

Have a great evening,

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap