Tax Day Tea Party in Olympia–Rallying in Good Weather


Today was certainly an historic day—I participated in the Tax Day Tea Party  (T.E.A standing for “Taxed Enough Already”) in Olympia. I understand there’s a similar gathering in Downtown Bremerton on the boardwalk tonight at 6 PM so if you have time, you should check it out.

One thing that is important to remember when talking about this Tax Day Tea Party is it is not a republican or democratic issue nor is it a rally against paying taxes, it is gathering together regardless of political stance fighting for freedom from the bondage of debt our past and current government has so frivolously thrown us in. Below are more pictures related to the Tea Party I attended.






Now of course this is a weather blog and I have to tie this into weather somehow. The good news is, weather is probably the easiest subject to mix in with other surrounding subjects so here I go: the weather was absolutely beautiful today, almost as if Mother Nature was like, “Hey, I feel sorry for you tax payers down there, I’ll clear the skies for you!” The cherry blossoms were stunning and the air was fresh and clean. The temperatures were also rather comfortable nudging close to 60 by 1 PM.


Will this continue? Well, it will but we’re going to have a brief intermission as a front will move through tomorrow spreading more in the way of clouds and cooler temperatures. Friday looks like the wettest day of the next 7, and that’s not saying a whole lot because most of the precip will be light and showery in nature. Highs will be closer to seasonal norms.

A ridge builds over the weekend, but we could be looking at a “dirty ridge”, which is a term used by meteorologists to describe a dry but sorta cloudy pattern as some weak weather systems will pass to our north, bringing some mid and high level clouds. Highs are still looking mild in the 60s.

Warmer and even sunnier weather looks likely later in the weekend into early next week before the clouds and showers look to move in and put us back into reality.

Have a fantastic evening and have fun at any Tax Day Parties you may go to!

(If you are going to comment about the Tea Party and/or the pictures involved, please keep it civil)

Matthew Leach

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9 thoughts on “Tax Day Tea Party in Olympia–Rallying in Good Weather

  1. Good for you for mentioning the Tea Parties. We really don’t want to saddle you Young Folks with our debts and limit your possibilities in the future. And a sunny day in Seabeck is always appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Donna 🙂 And I’m glad you could enjoy the nice sunshine! Get ready for more…with warm temperatures!

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