Daily Archives: April 13, 2009

It Was a Hail of a Day!

Sorry about the title…I couldn’t resist! Today was active as expected and I snapped some cool hail photos:



Anyway, I thought the afternoon hailstorm in Silverdale was pretty cool. It seems that most areas on the peninsula saw some active weather because the radar at noon was lit up like a Christmas tree! I love spring days like today. It keeps things interesting 🙂

Showers continue tomorrow morning, but we are about to enter a period of generally dry weather (I say generally because there’s the potential for a few showers here and there, but mainly it’ll be high and dry). Not only does it look dry in our future, but mild as well with highs bouncing into the 60s and maybe 70s if our ridge ends up over achieving. Overall, expect  a much drier and warmer weather theme to come.

Today has been a busy day hence the late post, but I’ll get a video forecast prepared for tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap