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No doubt the current pattern we are in is highly favorable for mountain snow. I suppose that’s the tradeoff we get for the cold weather down here. So how cold has it been this month? Well, I said I was going to give you cold weather stats today, but I decided to wait until April 1st (no, not because I want to fool all of you) because by then I’ll have all of March’s weather information handy.

In the meantime, we have some more cool/wet weather to talk about. Tonight will be cloudy with rain moving in early Saturday morning. Now here’s the trick: those along the Hood Canal and western Kitsap Peninsula may not start off as rain, but rather light snow as this system moves in. Why? Because originally the system was supposed to spin north preventing any cold air to filter down into our region. At the last minute this storm is spinning south, drawing in colder air with it and the chance for some snow.

How much are we talkin’? Not a whole lot…maybe a trace to an inch with perhaps more accumulation directly along the canal. This is not a sure thing, mind you, as temperatures will be QUITE marginal in the low to mid 30s. Just something to watch out for…

Remember yesterday when I joked around about lowland snow during spring break? Well, I shouldn’t have done that!

The rest of your Saturday will be mostly cloudy with rain showers off and on. Highs will be in the 40s.

Sunday will be nicer with partial sunshine and showers and then the off and on switch is flipped several times next week with Monday, Wednesday and Friday looking somewhat wet, breezy and cloudy, saving the nicer “showers and sunbreaks” days for Tuesday and Thursday. Highs will be near 50º, but that’s still several degrees below normal.

Now for the long range. **READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED**

Yet you decided to read along anyway 🙂

The unseasonably cold, wet weather looks to continue into the first week or so of April, delivering more mountain snow and cold lowland rain, though the latest model runs are so chilly we may not be done with snow chances yet. I know this is hard to believe, but before you think April snow is impossible, remember last year? It snowed in late April.

Is it just me or have the winters here been much colder than normal for the past few years? I don’t remember seeing as much snow from 2000-2005 as I have in 2006-2009. Anyway, just be prepared for very unspringlike weather for the next little while. I know what a lot of you are thinking:

“We better make up for this in the summer!” That is, if we ever get there 🙂

Matthew Leach

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