Who Needs Spring?


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"Battle Between Winter and Spring" From Western Wx Forums, User tt-sea

I was at my foreign exchange student’s soccer game this afternoon at Olympic High School (his name is John, and you can read more about him and his country here) and I heard someone behind me say:

“Man, it’s cold out here! I think we’re just going straight from winter to summer. Mother Nature seems to have skipped spring!”

And you know what? I was thinking the very same thing. This winter has been cold, but so far the month of March has been MUCH colder than normal. Tomorrow I’ll post some stats, but my oh my has it been a bitter month. And it seems winter-like weather will continue through Spring Break, so if you have any plans for Hawaii, California, or Florida you sure won’t be missing out on the weather here!

As you have no doubt noticed, the clouds are and have been increasing and will stick around through the night. Tomorrow will feature a thin layer of clouds with filtered sunshine and showers. It will be similar to today just a little more moist. Highs will be in the low to mid 50s which is closer to normal for this time of year.

Saturday will feature more of a cloud bias with rain showers plaguing the area. Sunday will be similar, though I expect to see more in the way of sunbreaks. Highs throughout the weekend will be several degrees colder than normal which is good news for the mountains. Another late ski season is on tap! 🙂

I know a lot of you are trying to plan events for Spring Break, so let me break it down for you in terms of the best days to do activities outdoors. Just be warned, the models have been dealing with specifics very poorly, so take that into account:

Monday, March 30th–Could be better. Stay indoors today

Tuesday, March 31st–Generally a dry day, though a stray shower is not of out the question. This day has consistently been the nicer of the bunch, so I say go for it!

Wednesday, April 1st–No fooling around here, it’ll be a wet one. Stay indoors!

Thursday, April 2nd–Again, could be better but it should be mostly dry with perhaps a few sunbreaks. I say plan for this day to be a good one weather-wise, but check back!

Friday, April 3rd–Peeking ahead at the long range, this looks like a wet day.

Well, there you have it. Only a couple days next week have my Seal of Approval. Other than that, it looks like another chilly, wet Spring Break in Washington State!

But then again, it could be worse. Imagine if we saw lowland snow next week! Uh-oh…here comes the hate mail. 🙂

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  1. Don’t look now, but snow is creeping back into the forecast for tomorrow. The WRF and NAM both bring the low in south of our area and thus we are marginally cold enough for snow. With widespread precip, this could be a pretty good surprise event as models have turned south with this low recently and forecasts have not been calling for it. This has the potential for a pretty widespread 1-3″ of wet snow across Kitsap, especially anywhere with any elevation. 1000 foot temps are at about 33 degrees on the WRF most of the day tomorrow which is usually good enough for snow to at least fall. This is extremely borderline though, so any slight error and the models and we could just get cold rain.

    1. Yup, I saw that and made a mention of it in this evening’s blog post. Crazy. And I thought we were done lol

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