No Snow Today Despite the News


As expected, my classmates were quite disappointed that it didn’t snow today. I told them all I expected was a rain/snow mix, but they were insistent I called for several inches today. Hmmm…this looks like another case of the public believing what they want to believe! 🙂

So at 6 AM this morning the temperature was at 33.6º—cold enough to snow. However, the clouds broke up enough, the temperatures warmed fast enough, the precipitation came late enough, and the rainfall was light enough to prevent any snow today. Other than my peers, I didn’t hear any complaints about no snow today. I was a bit disappointed though. I love the snow!

But, we aren’t exactly done with the snow threat. A convergence zone Tuesday night into Wednesday could drop a bit of snowfall to the area, but at this time it appears the main victims will be those living between north King county and south Snohomish county. Kitsap could walk away unscathed…the key word is “could” though.

Models have been waffling with the details past Wednesday, however the overall trend is to dry out but remain rather cool until next weekend when we introduce the chance for more rain and clouds. Highs will be  agood 5-7 degrees below normal during this period.

How does Spring Break look weather-wise? Meh…not too good…mainly wet, cool and cloudy. But, again, consistency has not been seen on the models yet so that could change!

Have a fanatstic evening!

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather



19 thoughts on “No Snow Today Despite the News

    1. I’d say 2-3” is possible as precip rates will be quite high…

      But let me see what tomorrow’s models show… 🙂

  1. It is nice to have a job that you have a 50/50 chance of predicting weather. If I only did 50% of work at my job, I would be fired!! I think if the meteoroligists had to take a WASL test to have a job there wouldn’t be any weather people!!!

    1. It’s funny you say that because I actually heard a weatherman say something similar to that:

      “If weathermen messed up in a regular job as much as they do in forecasting, they’d be fired!”

      But of course we all know the public is more forgiving than that and there’s MUCH more science involved than just a coin toss 🙂

  2. 2-3 wow i need to dream after my finals in school!

    When u say precip rates are quite high, do you mean heavy showers or qdf?

    Sorry for the dumb question.

    Id be fired as a reporter if i did my job 50 percent well.

    1. Well, the snow chances are not completely off board but the trend is to warm things up. Remember, we are in late March after all and it gets increasingly difficult to get it to snow here.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see lumpy rain at your place, though. Maybe even a brief spurt of snow, but with the way models have been trending your luck may be running out…

  3. Damn, i wished too see snow after finals were over.

    Now what makes lumpy rain?

    I hope the models shift back. Can I believe the gfs on 4/6/09?

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