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As soon as my fellow classmates saw my forecast for snow a couple days ago they asked if we would have school cancellations or delays. What an intense position to be put in!

If I say yes to a delay or cancellation before the event happens then they get their hopes up and if it doesn’t happen I am considered an enemy or a traitor.

BUT, if I say no to a delay or cancellation before the event happens and I turn out right and we do have school at the normal time I am still considered an enemy or traitor. The only time I win is when I say there will be no school or a delay and I end up being right—and what a victorious feeling that is.

Dang…I get off on a tangent and then I look at the clock and realize I don’t have much time to chatter. Let me fill you in on what the models are saying for tomorrow’s snow possibility.

First of all, the farther we get into March the less likely it is for us to see snow so that’s already strike one for significant snow accumulations tomorrow.

Second, the precipitation pegged for tomorrow is likely to move in late in the morning giving the atmosphere plenty of time to warm up and cause the precip type to be mostly rain…perhaps a rain/snow mix. Strike two.

And third, overnight low temperatures will be marginal at best in the low to mid 30s which is a bit too warm to cause sticking snow on the roadways, but if it lasts long enough and/or starts early enough we could see sticking snow on the sideways/grassy surfaces. Strike three..well, unless you don’t have high expectations.

So where is this snow supposed to fall? Mainly along the Hood Canal, and I mean directly along it. Most of the Kitsap Peninsula will be largely unaffected by this if I am to be 100% loyal to the snow models. Take a look at the map below:


This snowfall map actually looks eerily similar to last weekend’s snow. The models expected snow just for the Hood Canal region yet most of Kitsap saw at least a couple inches. Best thing to do is prepare either way. My best forecast is for rain/snow for most locations later tomorrow morning with possible accumulations directly along the canal.

Snow chances linger into Tuesday and Wednesday morning/night before we moderate and clear out.

OK, I gotta go. It’s a good thing I type extremely fast or there’s no way I’d get this done. But before I go, I have a message for my fellow classmates: unless something really crazy happens tomorrow, we will have school.

Oh yeah, and please…leave the pitchforks at home 🙂

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather



15 thoughts on “Update on Tomorrow’s Possible Snow…

  1. Blasphemy! Unless my house receives white-out blizzards and multiple feet of accumulation, I will be completely unsatisfied with you! Regardless of your forecast!

  2. Exactly my point. Didn’t you read the post? 😉

    Haha, but then again with the way things have been going so far I wouldn’t be surprised to see some. Last winter and this winter have proven that it can snow well into spring…

  3. I agree. Accumulating snow should be mostly near the canal and on the higher hills. I do think most areas will see some wet snow falling or at least mixing in with the rain but without accumulations for most away from the canal. There is just not enough offshore flow and the time of day will be working against us.

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