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My favorite comedy is “What About Bob”. For those who haven’t seen the movie I think this sums it up perfectly: A successful psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfuss) loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients (Bill Murray), a highly manipulative obsessive-compulsive, tracks him down during his family vacation. (IMDb.com)

In the movie, Bob tracks down the psychiatrist and his family while they are on vacation, but he never leaves. The psychiatrist is constantly shoving Bob out of the house but he keeps on coming back.

Let’s just say the snow haters in Kitsap County are playing the part of the psychiatrist and Snow is playing the part of Bob. Now do you get it?

Indeed, even though the calendar will tell you it is spring, winter may be coming back to visit us…again, even though some people have told it to go away and never come back. Before we get to that we need to discuss the short term first. Lows tonight will be in the upper 30s to lower 40s with rain increasing. Tomorrow will be generally cloudy with periods of rain and highs will be in the upper 40s to lower 50s.

We clear out Sunday night and cool down considerably. Lows will make it near freezing and this, my friends, is what could cause a potential problem Monday morning. Right now precipitation is timed to arrive in the late morning, but if it comes any earlier the Hood Canal region could be plagued with some snow. Exactly how much is still up in the air, but directly along the canal folks could see a couple inches. The farther away you are from the canal the less you are expected to get. Stay tuned to see what happens to the timing of this moisture…

We clear out and mostly dry out for Tuesday before another cool down Tuesday night that could spell some more wet snow for the northern half of Kitsap County in a convergence zone early Wednesday morning. Again, models aren’t painting anything impressive at this time but please be aware of the potential. Highs will be in the mid to upper 40s.

After Wednesday we dry out nicely with highs rebounding into the 50s. Of course there is the potential for a few RAIN showers, but overall we will turn much more springlike.

The long range looks like a continued cool and showery/wet pattern which is good for the mountains. I’m not seeing any signs of significant warmth out there but I suppose you never know. Long range models aren’t 100% yet. I really do think that after Wednesday, our snow chances will be done until at least next November, though

So how did “What About Bob” end? Bob ends up marrying the psychiatrists sister. Uh-oh…does this mean lowland snow until May?? 🙂

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather



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  1. wow Matthew you would make a connection to What About Bob? and the weather. Regardless, that movie is pretty comical.

  2. Allie: I can relate weather to anything!

    Donna: sorry 🙁 I know you want spring to “spring” into action. It’ll come soon enough!

    But you need to update me on whether it snows or not at your place tomorrow! You run a higher risk than me in Silverdale…

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