22 thoughts on “Weather in Tanzania, Africa

  1. Actually if you were cold blooded you would prefer warmer temperatures because you couldn’t preserve your own body heat. Warm blooded animals, like humans, can maintain their own core temperature regardless of outside circumstances. Oh snap. I just did that.

    1. Oh my gosh, Kenny. You did not just critique my comment! 😛 You know what I meant…I’m cold blooded meaning cold temperatures are in my blood!

      I love how you explained the difference between cold blooded and warm blooded animals to me. I now feel like an idiot haha 🙂

  2. Anytime Matt. Anytime. And the beauty in English is not meaning what you say, it is saying what you mean.

  3. I enjoyed this, very much. Great to know the weather in Tanzania and to get to know John a little bit.

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