17 thoughts on “Long Range Thoughts: March Madness Continues

  1. Well, the most recent NAM has blotted out any chance of snow for the south sound, but I think temperatures will be right on the edge. You could see some slushy snow late tonight into tomorrow morning…

  2. Hey Matt, I am not the south sound. I am southern bothell does this improve my chances and how much snow, an inch?

  3. I got no snow accum last night, though there was a 10 second shot of snow around 1:45 am last night here in Bothell, we were at 34 degrees.

    Do we have a shot at snow tonight? The NAM says 2 inches, somehow I do not believe it.

  4. No, I’m not seeing NEARLY that much for your area. A rain/snow mix or brief snow with a slushy accumulation of 1/2 inch or so is possible, but certainly not 2”. Let me know if it happens, though!

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