Daily Archives: March 13, 2009

Major Change to the Weather

Just a couple days ago the weather pattern late this weekend into early next week was looking warm and drenching. Now it appears that warm and drenching rain will be more concentrated to our south, leaving us on the colder side of the jet stream. Uh-oh…does this mean more snow potential, Matt? Of course not!…OK, fine…snow has slipped back into the forecast.

First things first: tonight we’ll see increasing rain which will linger into tomorrow morning. We’ll then see a brief lull before another storm system barrels through the area from tomorrow late afternoon through Sunday morning. After a midday lull that ushers in some colder air into the region Sunday,  yet another storm pushes through the area, and THIS storm is the one to watch. Snowfall maps are indicating some snowfall accumulation across quite a bit of the Kitsap Peninsula with a greater chance for accumulations closer to the Hood Canal. Locations closer to Seattle (like say Bainbridge Island) will likely see a rain/snow mix. Highs will be in the mid 40s.

Again, please stay tuned as things are subject to change. I mean, for heavens sake things have changed 180º since two days ago, I’m not sure what to believe now! Be prepared and stay tuned to this blog!

After Sunday’s flirtation with snow, we turn mainly cool and showery with more sunbreaks and warmer weather for the end of the week.

I promised an in depth forecast on the long range models today, but I just have not had the time. I will likely post late tomorrow because some family friends are coming in from Missouri, so I’ll try to get a long range model update out Sunday evening.

Winter just won’t give up!

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather