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8th Snowiest Winter on Record at Sea-Tac

4th snowiest in Spokane with 88.9”.

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a blog about Kitsap Peninsula weather, but my research on 2008-2009 weather stats for Bremerton is incomplete and I figured most of you would find this interesting anyway.

The National Weather Service released some interesting snow statistics yesterday and here is what they found:


67.5 1968-9
63.6 1949-50
27.4 1950-1
26.9 1971-2
24.2 1955-6
23.3 1953-4
22.9 1965-6
22.8 2008-9 (So Far)
21.4 1948-9
20.3 1985-6

This didn’t surprise me at all. It sure has been snowy this winter! I’ll have more information on OUR local cold snap very soon…

Now let’s move on to the forecast because we have some changes to talk about. I’ll give you a couple hints: less lowland precipitation and more mountain snow.

This certainly doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, but the most recent weather models have really backed off on the amount of precipitation pegged for our area later this weekend into early next week. Pineapple Express systems are typically rare in March anyway, but they do occur, so I’ll keep a close eye on the models to see if they trend for the drier or wetter. Right now it just looks like a wet and cool period Sunday through Tuesday vs a warm and drenching Sunday through Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be the last completely dry day for a while as some rain, cooler temperatures and clouds look to overtake our area through the weekend. Again, nothing looks relentless, just obnoxious with periods of steady rain and breaks. Highs will be largely in the 50s tomorrow and 40s over the weekend.

Heavier rain arrives later Sunday through Tuesday, but if models continue their current trend we’ll be on the colder side of the jet stream which will cause for a cold rain and plenty mountain snow.

Long range trends? I’ll talk about that more in depth tomorrow, but it appears the wet and cool weather continues. Goody!

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather