Daily Archives: March 7, 2009

We’re in “The Zone”

The snow has begun! I already know of two people who are not happy about this: my parents. But as predicted for several days, the cold and snow has arrived, but don’t look for any significant accumulation out of this…maybe a trace of slush, but overall this is just looking like a heavy rain/snow event.

But why?

Well, as discussed in previous posts, the Puget Sound Convergence Zone has formed from central to north Kitsap extending east and is dropping some rain/snow and, at times, periods of heavy snow. Current temperatures are in the low to mid 30s, so what falls will be very wet. Timing the longevity of the zone is difficult because usually they form whenever and wherever they want, but look for periods of snow or rain/snow throughout the day. It’ll mostly just be a nuisance rather than a traffic problem. In fact, we could even see some sunbreaks later today, but that will only further the instability of the atmosphere so that would be bitter sweet for those who don’t want anymore snow later on.

The fun doesn’t end today, however, as more very cold and potentially white weather could move in later tonight into tomorrow.

Stay tuned here for updates!

Matthew Leach

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