Colder, But Not Necessarily Snowier

Yeah, it was a bummer the sun didn’t burst through the clouds today, but we’ll see plenty of sunshine over the next several days. The downside? Though the sun will be out, temperatures will be several degrees below average. Our average high temperature is 52º with 38º being our average low. By Sunday, we could find ourselves 10+ degrees below normal as some colder air is projected to trickle down into our region.

The real question is: how cold are we going to get? There is still a great amount of uncertainty concerning this cold snap. If we were in this same situation in…oh, say January, then 1) we would be looking at an impressive arctic blast and 2) we could put more stock in the event actually happening. However, because we are only a couple weeks away from spring, it takes quite the push to get cold, arctic air into Western Washington.

The latest weather models are throwing out some impressively cold numbers for late this weekend into early next week, but I’m still not sold on the fact we’ll get as cold as some models are suggesting. Another issue is moisture. I’m not seeing an incredibly snowy pattern developing across the Kitsap Peninsula, though there’s the chance for a bit of rain/snow late Saturday morning, but the snowfall maps show no accumulation. Late Saturday night a convergence zone centered along the North King/South Snohomish line could form, but it’s not looking likely the zone will sag far enough south to give any Kitsap locations accumulating snow.

So, Matt, what are you trying to say? Expect a cold weekend as highs will be in the upper 30s to lower 40s with overnight lows in the mid to upper 20s. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy with a chance for a rain/snow shower late Saturday morning.

Early next week we begin a moderating trend with highs starting near 40 on Monday, but rising into the mid 40s on Wednesday. Long range models have been struggling with temperatures/precipitation beyond Wednesday of next week, but generally we should remain cooler and drier than normal.

Have a great Thursday,

Matthew Leach

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7 thoughts on “Colder, But Not Necessarily Snowier

  1. How much snow do you think I will see this weekend?

    I am in that magical zone between northgate and everett.

    The Nam if I read correctly has 2 inches for my area thrus and 7 on sat-sun am I reading everything wrong?

    Also I saw your videos from Komo 4, you ever going back there again?

  2. I think Sunday could be snowy for many people. This time of year, it is much easier for convection to get firing and there should be enough instability for snow showers Sunday. With it being showery, not everyone would get snow, but I do think there is a good chance that most people get 1-2″

  3. I wouldn’t use the word “snowy” quite yet. I’m going to wait for this afternoon/evening’s runs to make a definite call.

    I am more conifdent on the cold than the snow at this point, though.

  4. Eric,

    Yes, I imagine you would see quite a bit of snow: 2-4” Saturday PM through Sunday AM is possible because you will be in the prime spot for a convergence zone.

    As for KOMO, I e-mail and visit twice a year usually. You should take a tour sometime! It’s really fun and the staff is really nice.

  5. Wow that is more than what the model said at least GFS wise.

    Prime spot, really? I am not sure if the models can actually pin point a specific location where it will def be most heavy.

    Oh really, when is the next time you will go? I should take the tour, it would be interesting as sports writing is my thing right now.

    Though weather is a very close second especially in the winter.

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