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Weather and Sports DO Mix!

Q: What does Matt Leach do in his spare time?

A: Look up funny weather videos, and this week I found yet another hilarious commercial put out by The Weather Channel. I didn’t know they had such a good sense of humor, but alas they do and I must give them props for that. Here is proof that weather and sports can actually intertwine:

It’s always comforting to know I’m not alone 🙂

On to the forecast, you probably noticed today looked like a typical Washington spring day: dark, fast-moving clouds, periods of heavy rain and blazing sunshine, and breezy conditions. This kind of weather keeps things interesting, and we’ll get more of that tomorrow.

You’ll notice in the 7 day forecast a really cool weather icon: lightning. This is only my second time using it, but I could probably use it every day and still find it neat. Scroll down at take a look at it! You’ll know what I mean. But I’m not just using that icon because I love how it looks…there is actually the potential for a lightning strike/thunder rumble tomorrow afternoon as the atmopshere remains rather unstable. Highs will also cool a bit into the upper 40s and lower 50s vs the low to mid 50s we saw today. The breezy conditions should subside, but there will still be a nice breeze around the area. We’ll also see periods of sun and rain—just like today.

Wednesday looks very tranquil: a few light showers, but overall partly sunny and pleasant with highs in the upper 40s.

Thursday and Friday we cool down and introduce the possibility for a few rain/snow showers, but current forecasting models are insistent on no accumulation at all, and the rain and snow showers will likely occur 1) on the higher hills around the county and 2) in the late night/early morning hours when the temperatures are the coldest, so chances are most people will never know it happened if it does indeed happen. Highs will be chilly in the low to mid 40s. Overnight lows will be in the lower to mid 30s.

Saturday we could skate by dry with partly sunny skies, but it’ll remain chilly with highs in the mid 40s. More chilly weather moves in for Sunday and we may need to watch this one a bit closer. For now, I have rain/snow showers, but this could be a bit more widespread.

The long range models point to chilly days and cold, frosty nights for the first half of next week, but there are hints we could return to a split-flow pattern with some decent sunshine and mild temperatures for the latter half of next week. Still too far out to bite down on that quite yet, but if the split-flow does indeed redevelop we could be stuck with it for quite some time.

Have a fantastic evening!

Matthew Leach

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