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It Looks Like March!

At school on Friday I went around the hallways asking students what weather they thought of when I said “March”. There was an interesting and almost unanimous response: “Cloudy, wet and cold”. Today we experienced 2/3rds of the March stereotype. It was cloudy…it was wet…but it was certainly not cold. Highs around the area were in the mid to upper 50s, as predicted, which made it feel rather muggy and humid outside.

The next several days will follow a similar spring-like pattern: partly sunny skies with periods of rain and cool temperatures. But the only weather of worth to talk about is after Wednesday, and even that is not looking incredibly exciting. Temperatures in the early morning and late night for Thursday will still be quite cold and there will be some moisture around, but the past few model runs have been insistent on watering down any snow accumulation chances for Thursday. Rain and snow showers are still possible, however, so watch out for that.

Some modified arctic air could slip into the region Friday and Saturday, but current precipitation models are quite dry, so snow is not looking like an issue at this point.

One thing is for sure, winter is not over!

Have a great week,

Matthew Leach

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