Long Range Thoughts and Some Cool Pics!

First things first: some awesome photos of a thunderstorm that struck in the Thousand Oaks, CA area earlier this week. I gathered these photos from a weather forum:

I would’ve LOVED to be there when this storm was going on!

Second, let’s talk a bit about the long range forecast as it provides some hope for those suffering from the lack of snow in the mountains. It also continues the theme of wet and cold weather. Brett Anderson, Canadian weather blogger at AccuWeather, gives his interpretation of the long range forecast predictions:

Week of March 9th-15th–Below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation over BC and the western coast of the U.S.

Week of March 16th-22nd–The West Coast of the U.S. looks colder and wetter compared to normal.

Week of March 23rd-29th–Colder and wetter compared to normal over BC, the Canadian Rockies and down into the Pacific Northwest.

So it appears we may be in for quite the stretch of wet and chilly weather for the month of March, but historically March is consistently damp and cool around here anyway. Does this mean more lowland snow? That is certainly a possibility, but let’s not talk about it JUST yet. 😉

The forecast for tonight is pretty simple: partly cloudy skies with lows approaching the freezing mark.

The daylight hours tomorrow look dry and partly to mostly cloudy, but rain moves in by the evening hours and looks to continue through most of Sunday. Highs temperatures will be a bit below seasonal norms tomorrow in the upper 40s and lower 50s, but Sunday’s system looks quite warm and will likely boost high temperatures into the upper 50s or maybe even lower 60s. Perfect weather for mushrooms!

Monday and Tuesday we’ll see some scattered showers and sunbreaks, but later next week we enter another period of chilly, wet weather with overnight lows becoming alarmingly close to freezing and snow levels in the 800-1,000′ range. Deja vú? Don’t bank on it quite yet, but it remains a possibility.

Have a great weekend!

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather


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  1. Those photos actually were not in Thousand Oaks. Dabears was on vacation in Tahiti or something when he took those photos.

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