The “6 More Weeks of Winter” Forecast is Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You!

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9 thoughts on “The “6 More Weeks of Winter” Forecast is Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You!

  1. I think Tuesday could be nice for us. But like you say, too far out to get too excited. We would likely do the best out of just about anywhere on Tuesday thanks to cold air damming!

    But we will be one of the worst spots Sunday night/Monday as the shadow should rear its ugly head and keep us dry. WRF does show a pretty strong CZ Sunday night over Seattle, but those usually stay too far East for us to get in on them.

    Anyway, all this stuff is too far out to get excited for, but it all bears watching. Nice to have something to watch besides a boring ridge, and the mountains will surely get some big snow!

  2. looks like the 00z is significantly weaker and further south than the 18z. It also brings the storm in a full 18 hours later. I think we can call the 18z an outlier at this point with regards to Tuesday’s storm.

  3. Did you mean we should consider the 00z an outlier? I will be watching the next several model runs VERY closely as this could be a fun event. Can you believe the WRF? A severe snowstorm for the Hood Canal if that were to verify…

    However, if these storms are to follow the pattern of the past several around here, the 00z may not be too far off with the southern track. We’ll see.

    As for Monday’s system, it does not look like anything significant. But I am not going to exclude the chance for some very chilly/lumpy showers in the early morning/late night hours quite yet.

    And, I agree that the upcoming weather pattern is looking MUCH more active and exciting than this ridge…heck, the next 14 or so days look pretty darn interesting!


  4. Another note:

    The 00z long range is awesome. Not exactly as moist as I’d like it, but those details can get ironed out as the days get closer. It’s very cold though. General consensus is we have an unseasonably chilly pattern coming up!

  5. No, I meant the 18z looks like an outlier. It was much too strong with the storm and also too early. Last few runs agree generally with last night’s 00z with a weaker system and further South.

    This is looking like it could be pretty good for us here on Kitsap. The big winners look to be the Southern areas of Hood Canal (what else is new!) but it could be nice for just about everybody.

    But there is still 5 days for things to change, so we cannot get too excited yet.

    I can’t wait for tonight’s 00z WRF

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