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Weekly Entertainment: Mister Rogers Talks About Football

January 25th, 2009 by Matthew Leach


The weather models underestimated how much moisture we would have to work with and most areas around the Kitsap Peninsula saw a bit of snow. However, it didn’t add up to much more than a dusting. Travel is still running smoothly around the area, as expected, but take it slow anyway as the temperature as of 11:43 AM is still at 32º. It’s going to be a chilly day!

Here is your Weekly Entertainment video! This past November, the Central Kitsap Cougar football team played Rogers High School in order to make it to the semi-finals at the Tacoma Dome. I asked myself, “How can I make this weather forecast interesting for the football players and the rest of the student body?”

Luckily, Rogers High School had a name that was easy to work with, and I created a “Mister Rogers” episode about football. Enjoy!

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather

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29 Responses to “Weekly Entertainment: Mister Rogers Talks About Football”

  1. Mattias Keese Says:

    The video says it is no longer available when I try to watch it. I was looking forward to that! lol

  2. Matthew Leach Says:

    Hmmm…I can’t seem to figure out why it did that to you. I tried logging out of my blog username to see if that made a difference and it didn’t. You can try viewing it from my YouTube site:

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