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A Cup of Mist and A Bowl of Clouds, Please


It was a chilly one today! Walking around town this afternoon, the low clouds, a temperature of 42º and light wind made for a cold day in Silverdale (heck, it doesn’t appear to have been better anywhere on the Peninsula, it seems!). Take a look at this map. It isn’t hard to spot who the lucky ones were today:

Of course, Kitsap acted as a “bowl” to the cool, cloudy weather and it had a very hard time burning away. Walking into the school this morning, I saw some optimistic breaks in the clouds and a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately, that was just a mean trick as the clouds came rolling back in, and once they came back they didn’t leave.

This “bowl” unfortunately has a lid and is trapping pollutants and stale air at the surface making for an unhealthy combination. It’s kind of like a fish tank: if you don’t have a filter cleaning out the water, the tank will turn gunky and unhealthy for the fish.

So…what’s next? Well, the inversion/stagnation will likely stick around for the next 3-4 days. Sun breaks are still possible as the clouds get shallower and the fog becomes less widespread, but for the large part of each day, however, expect low clouds and continued chilly air. Highs will be in the lower 40s where the clouds hang out (again, lower elevations >700′) with mid to maybe upper 50s in the higher elevations. I suggest hiking, biking, skiing…any mountainous sport you can think of. It’ll feel like spring time up there! In fact, it hit 64º at Paradise today (Mt. Rainier area).

Sunday is looking like a more positive day: a shallow layer of clouds and fog breaking away to at least partial sunshine in the afternoon but clouding up by dusk and staying cloudy through early next week.

Beyond Tuesday it looks showery…and colder. I’m really having a hard time restraining myself from giving too much away, but if you were hoping for some normality in our next weather pattern, you may have to wait even longer. The pendulum keeps on swinging.

Stay warm and safe!

Matthew Leach

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