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Long Range Thoughts: Divinely Benign

Friday is “long range day” where I talk about the trends in the long range forecast (10-14 days out)! Long range forecasting is obviously not the most accurate type of weather forecasting but technology has advanced and is only getting better. Now let’s see where we’re headed from here:

I am a big fan of extreme weather: snowstorms, windstorms, rainstorms, thunderstorms…any type of storm. The clean up afterwards is certainly no fun, but tracking the actual storm systems is UNBELIEVEABLY fun!

The weather pattern coming up is going to be a relief to many of us, even those who enjoy extreme weather! The next two weeks look to offer very little rainfall and plenty of sunshine, though we may, at times, have to fight through some “dirty ridge” periods which basically bring cloudy, but dry weather.

Temperatures look to be near normal to even above normal at times and combining that with sunny skies is a VERY rare event for a January weather pattern. Looking at past Januarys in Kitsap’s history, most have been quite wet with little episodes of sunshine. There are a few Januarys (2001 for example) that was quite sunny and mild the most of the month, but usually Washington winter sunny streaks don’t occur until February!

Enjoy the extended period of nice weather, which begins Tuesday. Even if the sun isn’t out the whole time just think, “We could be slipping in snow, ice, and rain right now…this’ll do” 🙂

Matthew Leach

Kitsap Weather