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Farmers market season is upon us

Weekend after next, Kitsap County will welcome back farmers markets in Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island. (Yipee!)

But if you can’t contain your need for fresh spring greens and vegetable starts that long, you can make the drive out to either Port Townsend or Gig Harbor starting this Saturday. Port Townsend’s opening celebration includes a goat parade. You read that right, a goat parade to celebrate the return of three goat dairies to the market. A note for those, who like me, are suckers for baby animals: this parade includes baby goats. With bells.

Either way, I’ve compiled a map with opening dates of markets from Port Townsend to Belfair, which also is included on the local foods map, which also includes area farms, etc., in the food resources section of this blog. Click on the name or a point on the map for more information on the market.

Beer and Wine Taste-Tests at Farmers Markets? Maybe

The big talk during this legislative session will be, of course, about cutting the budget. However, many bills will be introduced (and will likely never make it out of committee) to address any number of issues.

Among those many pieces of suggested legislation is a bill that could pave the way for beer and wine tastings at farmers markets, according to a story from the Seattle Times. Tastings would have to be two ounces or less, and only four ounces per customer.

Last year, the Legislature allowed grocery stores to allow wine and beer tastings, though if there have been any locally, I missed them.

So far, this seems to be the only food-related bill, but it’s only the first day of this year’s session.

Fake Farmers Markets?

The Wall Street Journal has a story today that’s sure to get local food lovers angry: Safeway and Albertsons stores in Seattle this year caught the ire of Seattle farmers when they designated outdoor fruit and veggie displays “farmers markets” (Safeway later changed the name of its to “outdoor market.”

As the WSJ points out, it brings to question how should farmers market me defined?Many believe that an essential part of the definition involves farmers selling directly to consumers, though some suggest even stricter guidelines, requiring the market to have produce as the only or majority of products available at the market. Others might also add that the produce comes only from local sources, and the definition of “local” varies from grown in the town or county it’s sold to region or state.

Most – if not all – of Kitsap’s markets have such rules. Bainbridge Island’s, for example, requires all produce to be grown on the Island or in North Kitsap. Poulsbo’s, Silverdale’s, Bremerton’s and Port Orchard’s market say vendors’ goods must be from Washington State. Poulsbo and Port Orchard make an exception for where seafood can come from, though the vendors themselves must be from Washington. All the markets post their vendor guidelines on their website.

So how do you consumers and farmers out there think the term “farmers market” should be defined?