Crimson Cove opens Poulsbo storefront to sell smoked goods

People who walked around downtown Poulsbo during Viking Fest last weekend may have noticed a new store on Front Street. Crimson Cove, which has been selling smoked salmon, smoked cheeses, nuts and other goods at area farmers markets during the past few years has opened a storefront.

Mark and Jody DeSalvo began selling smoked goods in 2007. They use alder and apple woods to smoke their goods from a building in Kingston.

The store, next to Sluy’s Bakery, has the same salmon and the variety of cheeses from blue to swiss that they’ve sold at farmers and other area markets as well as smoked salts, nuts, dips, crackers and salsas so boaters at Poulsbo marina can take back enough snacks for a day on the water. Plus, they have samples.

3 thoughts on “Crimson Cove opens Poulsbo storefront to sell smoked goods

  1. They have wonderful products, they are however expensive. Hopefully not quite as expensive now with a store front. I do know I will have to take a trip to Poulsbo now to see new store.

  2. Great people. Love the personal touch they put into their products vs. mass production. It’s a quality for which we’ll gladly pay a premium. Congrats to them on the new store!

  3. I see they ar also going to sell NW wines as soon as they get their licens. They are not expensive for the quality they offer and they are local.

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