Lots of work going on in new Bremerton tapas lounge

As I was walking around downtown Bremerton late last week, I caught this site of Toro, the tapas (small plate) and martini lounge that’s slated to open this summer. The restaurant is the work of Bremerton businessman Carlos Jara.

By the looks of it, Jara isn’t just cleaning and moving into the former Badda Boom Badda Bing/Fillipi’s space on Pacific Avenue. He’s gutted the space for what looks like a full remodel, uncovering a tongue-and-groove ceiling, and based on a few photos from the lounge’s Facebook page, the color scheme will include some sexy reds, blacks and grays.

Toro Lounge in Bremerton

5 thoughts on “Lots of work going on in new Bremerton tapas lounge

  1. What about the 7 other people funding the bar. Funny that Carl Hara is always saying he does it all. Too bad the world only revolves around him.

    1. The mention of Jara had nothing to do with any pushing he did to take credit. He’s just the only one I know about and one who’s likely to be recognized by readers since he ran for city council.

      – Angela Dice

  2. If you don’t have something “nice” to say……

    Carlos is a successful business owner and community participant. I also enjoy the fact that he and his wife are my close neighbors. They are truly wonderful people invested in this community.

    Hasn’t Charlie Sheen recently shown all of us that the perception of “winning” and “losing” in life doesn’t always mean the same thing to the people hearing it as it does to the person saying it? Most especially when it is meant as a mean spirited stab simply for the sake of just taking a stab.

  3. We walked by and asked about what was going in too. Another locally owned and operated restaurant that will bring a new option to Kitsap diners. Good news! We are looking forward to it.

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