Kitsap Sun Print Edition Brings Back Food Section

Today, the Kitsap Sun print edition welcomed back a food section! Years ago, I was a member of the Sun’s features staff, who wrote and edited home and garden, religion, entertainment as well as food stories.When the Sun started cutting back, editors made the tough decision to focus our remaining resources on local news coverage.

It wasn’t just the Sun, newspapers all over slimmed down their features sections and pared their feature writing staffs. The Seattle Times also slimmed it’s features section, relegating food coverage mostly to an inside page in its local news section. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nancy Lesson’s column, I just miss seeing big pictures of food displayed on a page.

Those food displays is one of the reasons I enjoy getting The News Tribune on Wednesdays. We’re news junkies at our house and get three papers and regularly read other news sites online. Those poor, poor trees.

So when I learned that the Sun was bringing back a food page, well all I could think was, “Whoopee!”

So for those of you who, like me, missed a food section, join me in welcoming it back. It kicked off with a local food story from Ann Vogel about several foodie couples who gather together to create complicated dishes from around the world. It also has Ann Vogel’s regular In the Kitchen column, which this week includes a recipe for Wharf Fish soup.

Ann’s column will be there now every Friday. The food feature will switch between local and more national food stories, and if I can finagle it, an occasional appearance by yours truly and other local food bloggers.

3 thoughts on “Kitsap Sun Print Edition Brings Back Food Section

  1. This is great news… Kitsap has a thriving community of foodies!

    Let me know if you need a guest blog or two about local farm markets or CSAs, that’s a focus for me this year!

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    Food Blogger

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