A Taste of Icelandic Ice Cream

In case you missed it, Tristan Baurick offered up an article in today’s paper about Viking Feast Ice Cream, which some of you may have seen this summer at local farmers markets.

Viking Feast Ice Cream

The low-fat, but tasty treat uses an ingredient called skyr, which is similar to yogurt.

I met them at the Kitsap Oktoberfest, where they served up Hale’s beer flavored ice creams, as well as summery raspberry, key lime, blackberry and other flavors. Eggnog and gingerbread flavors were on tap this month. Viking Feast currently has no more beer offerings, though people keep asking them and they’re thinking about it, Tristan said.

If you don’t want to wait until the next beer fest or farmers market to try it, you can find out where it’s sold on Viking Feast’s Facebook page. Locations currently include the Port Gamble General Store, Real Foods on Bainbridge Island, CBC Chocolates and Crimson Cove in Poulsbo and at Aldrich’s Market in Port Townsend.

And just in case you read the story but missed the video, Tristan offered a quick look at Viking Feast’s factory, the process of making the ice cream and talked with Thormod Skald: