Finally Confirmed: Trader Joe’s Coming to Silverdale

We’ve been hearing rumors about Trader Joe’s coming to Silverdale for more than a year. People in Kitsap have heard it from employees at other area Trader Joe’s. They’ve called us, and though we really, really wanted to tell people that they were right, no one from the company or the owners of the old Circuit City would confirm it as 100% fact.

We had to wait on the story, say that for now, it’s a rumor, we had no confirmation. In the meantime, fans who craved a store in Kitsap regularly commented. At least three separate Facebook groups were started: Kitsap Would Really Like a Trader Joe’s (1,397 members), Citizens of Kitsap County, WA Beg for a Trader Joe’s (874 members), Bring Trader Joe’s to Silverdale, WA (2,341 members)

Our newsroom ran into a similar issue when there were rumors that a new Town and Country or Uwajimaya would go into the old JC Penny’s building in downtown Bremerton. Those were just rumors too as far as we know.

That’s the tough thing about the newspaper business. We hear rumors then we have to wait, and wait, and wait. It can be frustrating to say the least.

Well, today we wait no longer, on the Trader Joe’s front at least. According to business reporter Rachel Pritchett Trader Joe lovers go ahead and rejoice. It’s been confirmed. They’ve even filed permits with the county.

Now on to the next local food rumor. What have you heard? And while we’re at it, what is it about Trader Joe’s that’s inspired such fandom? It can’t just be the two-buck (now three-buck) Chuck.

2 thoughts on “Finally Confirmed: Trader Joe’s Coming to Silverdale

  1. Very exciting news! Been using their products from when we were L.A.residents. Moved up here in 1990 to Kitsap County and have had to travel to their Queen Anne store to get their unusual, high quality, fairly priced foods. When our three children (adults now) who live in So Calif.would ask us what we wanted for variously holidays our answer was always,”send us a CARE package from Trader Joes”

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