Bremerton’s Cora’s Diner Closing It’s Doors

Cora’s gave us the Bremersaurus burger (two beef patties, bacon, cheese and all the fixin’s), lumpia, on Thursdays, a decent pork adobo at pretty affordable prices. And for anyone who ate there with even the slightest frequency, a familiar greeting.

For us here at the Kitsap Sun, Cora’s was a place we could always feel welcome, get some bits of conversation, and an occasional video tip from co-owner Rick Foxworth. After about the third time I went in, Cora already knew my name.

And if you went pretty frequently, it was a place you could get the occasional special extra like ice cream sundaes (maybe Cora let everyone have those, but we’d just like to feel special).

I wish I had gone more frequently.

Because today, we’re going to have to say goodbye to that spot on Fourth Street. Their rising rent was just too much, Cora told me a couple weeks ago. I haven’t yet heard final plans for what she’ll do next. I wasn’t sure if she was just joking or if she’s actually going to do it, but Cora mentioned a mobile food cart. I hope whatever she does, food and Bremerton are both involved.

I and others at the Sun plan on having lunch there today, and I imagine others working downtown will join us. I’ll update this post after lunch.

2 thoughts on “Bremerton’s Cora’s Diner Closing It’s Doors

  1. What do you mean decent pork adobo it was the best in kitsap county. Maybe the diner epitaph should read a great place to feel at home and eat some great food that was killed by bad city planning. Every summer when business starts to pickup the city engineers decide to close downtown streets during day light hours. This is killing everyone who does run a downtown business. Every place in the country plans construction at night when traffic is a minor problem but Bremerton city engineers and inspectors need to work their normal 8 to 5 and to hell with all the small guys that are working there life’s blood for a dream. Nuf said “Another small restaurant killed by narrow minded leadership”.

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