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Things You Shouldn’t Do With a Turkey, Part 1

November 24th, 2009 by Administrator

This Thanksgiving, I’m rehashing a project photographer Carolyn Yaschur and I put together in a bout of silliness. It was intended for one of our old entertainment sites, but since it sort of involves food, I’m reprising it this year for The Food Life.

For those who haven’t seen it already, I was hoping it would provide a little Thanksgiving meal-planning stress relief.

I’ll publish part two with another video and a couple more photos of “Things You Shouldn’t Do With a Turkey” at about noon Wednesday.

You Shouldn’t Take a Turkey to the Beach

Carolyn J. Yaschur | Kitsap Sun

Carolyn J. Yaschur | Kitsap Sun

You Shouldn’t Play Poker With a Turkey


You Shouldn’t Take a Turkey To Prom


You Shouldn’t Play Football, Walk a Dog or Bungee Jump

In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t have wasted a turkey (or Turkey’s little cousin), and we probably should have waited until he defrosted before shooting video, but hopefully it gave you a little chuckle.

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One Response to “Things You Shouldn’t Do With a Turkey, Part 1”

  1. Colleen Smidt Says:

    I want to see Gardner re-visit his song and dance routine with one of these bad boys.

    Or get Sheppard to do one of his “Mystery Photo” posts with one of them in a funny location.

    Happy Holiday everyone!

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