New Eateries in Kitsap

I’m back from vacation, and I’ll offer a few notes on eats in Hawaii once I go through the many. many (too many) photos taken there.

But before I do, here’s a little information from a lot closer to home. Below are the new food-serving establishments who’ve registered with the Kitsap County Health Department in the last month. The only one I’ve tried so far was Dawn at the Dock, which on the corner across from the ferry terminal complex in downtown Bremerton.

M.E. Café Noir, LLC: 3261 NW Mount Vintage Way, Silverdale

Puccini’s: 1405 NE McWilliams Rd, Bremerton

Kelvin G’s Tropic Blast & Tiki Bar: 2825 Wheaton Way, Bremerton

Halo Halo Restaurant: 616 Pacific Ave, Bremerton. Haven’t been yet, but the menu shows that they serve Asian cuisine, and looks like mostly food from the Phillippines, such as pancit, adobo and bistek.

Dawn at the dock: 200 first St, Bremerton. I’ve been only once, so I’ll hold a review for more visits. They focus on burgers and dogs and real ice cream shakes in a variety of flavors.

Rachel’s on the East Side: 1217 Sylvan Way, Bremerton

There also is solid rumor of a new place opening soon in the old Frosty’s spot on Pacific Avenue in downtown Bremerton, next to the now Kitsap Bank.

7 thoughts on “New Eateries in Kitsap

  1. The Bremelog covered the place going in where Frosty’s used to be HERE. It’s called Retro Dogz.

    We went to Rachel’s on the East Side last week. They have a good selection of beers on tap, a variety of pasta dishes and sandwiches, and unique pizza choices. I had the chicken bacon club and found it to be tasty. Their menu is available on their facebook page (google it).

  2. Paul, thanks for the link and the info! I missed the superfabulous Bremelog’s post while I was on vacation.

  3. Angela,

    Dang…If I had known you were going to Hawaii, I would have steered you to a couple from Port Orchard, born and raised here who are friends of ours, who purchased a coffee shop/internet cafe on Maui in Lahaina two years ago. They are doing well despite the economy. You could have done a story on them, checked your email and enjoyed an excellent sandwich and latte to go with it.

    Any other reporters from the Sun headed to Hawaii anytime soon?….let me know and I can hook you up.

  4. Colleen,

    Shoot. Well, I was on Oahu (seeing the Mighty Mo) and Kauai anyway. Another reporter is in Hawaii as we speak, but I think she’s also in Kauai right now. If I can save up to go again, I’ll definitely ask about that coffee shop.

    1. Funny thing. I learned from my grandma last weekend that one of her friends is opening it. It’s a coffee, snack and karaoke (I need to double-check that part) place. It opens Nov. 1.

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