Food Excursion to Pike Place Market

This weekend, I went with some good friends to do a little lunch and shopping at Pike Place Market. I thought I’d share some photos and a little bit about the wonderful suggestions we explored:

Razor Clam Chowder from Steelhead Diner
Razor Clam Chowder from Steelhead Diner

At Pine, between First Avenue and the Market, the Steelhead Diner is a place that prides itself on its use of local ingredients. It has a bright bank of windows and slightly upscaled diner decor. Lunch fare ranged from soups and sandwiches to higher-end dishes like Kasu Marinated Canadian Black Cod.

Pan roasted broccoli
Pan roasted broccoli

I had a cup of the Razor Clam Chowder, delicious and savory and made even headier with a drizzle of truffle oil on top. We split a side of broccoli, which was sauteed in what we assume was an incredibly flavorful butter, breaded and crispy capers and almonds.

We also had to save room for dessert and each had a taste of each others: rhubarb sorbet, lemon cake and pound cake topped with a poached pear.

Market Fruit
Market Fruit

Somehow I managed to roll my full stomach out the door and down into the market to take in standard market —  fruits, veggies, herbs — and I even grabbed some fresh mussels.

A new spot for me was La Buona Tavola truffle cafe. Inside, we were encouraged to sample small bits of bread with a variety of oils and balsamic vinegars and spreads. We were encouraged to savor the taste of a white truffle cream, then try it again with a couple drops of 12-year, 10-year or 8-year-old balsamic vinegar.

La Buona Tavola
La Buona Tavola

After eating that clam chowder, I felt I had to purchase at least one bottle of truffle oil (and white truffle cream) in my life. Plus, my friend told me she was able to freeze small bags of the cream to extend its life and for easy use in dishes.

I even tried it with some other ingredients I got at the market that night to some success, but I’ll need to learn a little more about how to use it. (I’d love to hear any more ideas.)

The cafe also hosts daily $5 wine tastings, where you can sample three Italian wines (we didn’t but I definitely will go back for that), or more in-depth wine tasting events.

Most of my Seattle trips are to meet with friends or go to some kind of event, so this trip was a good reminder to explore the little shops and indulge in the market. It makes me really excited for the upcoming season of the local markets as well.

I’d love to hear any of your suggestions about places in Pike Place or things to try in any of the Kitsap farmers markets this spring.

6 thoughts on “Food Excursion to Pike Place Market

  1. Before my recent retirement, I worked at 4th and Pike in Seattle so I would get down to the Pike Place Market just about every day. Some of my regular stops were:

    Don and Joe’s Meats: Right next to Pike Place Fish by The Pig. A Walking Sausage is a guilty pleasure.

    Jack’s Fish: Across the street from the main building. Easier to get to, always fresh and usually a little cheaper than the other fish markets.

    Athenian Inn: For my Hangtown Fry fix.

    Korean: There is a little Korean stand to the right of Pike Place Fish. $3 gets you 5 big deep fried shrimp (Warning for the squemish: the shrimp are whole with the heads on). The kim chee soup is a bargain at $2.19.

    Vietnamese: To the left of Jack’s Fish is a little Vietnamese stand. 6 delicious potstickers for $3. Or shrimp spring roll for $1.50

    Vegetables: I just cruise the veggie stands and see what looks best…no particular favorite.

    Lunch: Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar. Divey and priced right. I would grab the latest copy of The Stranger and have a Captain’s Basket and Coke $11.

    Pappardelles Pasta: Orange Szechuan pasta with Jack’s Fish scallops. Yum.

    Indian Market: I don’t know the name, but excellent selection of Indian cooking spices and food products. Right by Emmett Watson’s.

    I got very used to shopping at the Pike Place Market and am going to miss not being in downtown Seattle on a daily basis. The market is a real treasure and it’s good to support it in the off tourist months.

  2. The Market’s name is “Pike Place Market” not “Pike’s Place Market.” It’s important to me. The street is Pike Place, too.

    This is a common error among people who do not know the history of the street and the market. Neither is (or ever was) “owned” by someone named “Pike” so the apostrophe and the “s” are inappropriate.

  3. Bruce, Thank you for the great suggestions!. Cean, thank you for the correction. Duly noted and fixed.

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