A Twist on New Year’s Bubbly – Cocktails

champagne With only about a day left, I thought I’d put my little two cents in on that oft-written about bubbly beverage of choice for New Year’s Eve bacchanalias.

With so much out there about what champagne to get, I’m not going to go there, but if you need help picking a bottle, the Seattle P-I ran a decent primer on sparkling wines . And your local wine proprietor can definitely help.

What I’m blogging about today are champagne cocktails.

You can stick with one recipe for the night, or try what I did for a party a few years back: let your guests mix a variety.

I searched out a bunch of champagne cocktail recipes and picked out ones that matched the contents of my liquor cabinet. With each recipe, I created little drink stations around the house. I created standard-sized paper recipe cards for each, pasted it on nifty-looking stock paper, colored little pictures on it (I was in some kind of weird crafty mood) and stuck it up on the wall above a collection of ingredients, cups and napkins.

It worked out perhaps a little too well. One thing to note: definitely have your guests get a cab or a designated driver or they’ll be sleeping on your sticky floor or in odd, uncomfortable positions on your living room chairs.

Here are a few of the favorite cocktail recipes from that party:

French 126
2 oz. sweet & sour mix
1 oz. brandy
1 slice lemon

Pour brandy and sweet & sour into a fluted glass (or any glass) with ice. Stir. Add champagne to fill the glass. Drink.

Arctic Kiss
2 oz. chilled vodka
3 oz. champagne

Mix. Serve.

Liquid Cocaine
1 oz. creme de cassis
5 oz. champagne

Mix. Drink

Liquid Cocaine
3/4 glass champagne
1 shot vodka
Red Bull

Mix. Drink.

Bone Crusher
1/2 oz. rum
1/2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. vodka
splash 7-Up
splash grenadine
squeeze lemon
1 oz. champagne

Mix. Serve.

(Photo from iStock.com)