A Sweet, Chocolatey Diversion

Sweet, sweet chocolate.

So, it’s not Thanksgiving, but it may be a good way to indulge after the stress. Or think of it as an early local gift idea.

A while back one of the Sun reporters wrote a story about 17-year-old Peter Crabtree of Kingston being named a nationally recognized entrepreneur for starting a chocolaterie, CBC Chocolates.

Videographer Mike Barnet of NuAmericas checked in with Peter recently and offered an inside look at the chocolate shop. The kid uses local ingredients, including …

… a Scotch Ale from Silver City Brewery. I’m going to have to try that …

One thought on “A Sweet, Chocolatey Diversion

  1. I’d like to invite people into my store (Marina Market) tomorrow January 12th to sample marzipan in honor of National Marzipan day! We are in downtown Poulsbo and will be open out regular hours 9-6. I have a huge selection of imported foods from all over Europe. While the groceries are not locally produced I have been a local business for almost 11 years and along with Mor Mor Bistro and Kitchen Karousel, sponsor the Tomato Taste Off each year for the Poulsbo Farmers Market.

    I also have a food blog

    Andrea Rowe

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