The Definitive (yeah, right) How to Make an Omelette

After looking into where to get fresh eggs, I just had to make an omelette. The first time I made one, I though what’s the big deal? You’ve got some eggs, some milk, some stuffing and ta-dah!

So if memory serves me right, I’m pretty sure my first omelette came out more like a chewy scramble, and my mom probably choked it down and told me how great it was (she’s just that nice). Over the years, I’ve tried various methods: whipping the eggs, separating whites from yolks, lotsa milk, none at all. Along the way, I think I’ve come out with a fairly OK little folded omelette.

Of course, everyone has an opinion on how to do it best and what to put in it. Some of them are pretty clever, too, like the ones I saw on Mr. Breakfast from recipes like an apple and brie omelette to techniques like boiling it in a ziploc bag

So to add to the omelette chatter, I made a little video about how I make it. I swear, it’s definitive …

So here’s the tips in writing: Don’t use milk or cream unless you want a heavy omelette. Adding a half or full tablespoon of water to your eggs helps them fluff up a little because when it hits a hot pan, it steams and opens up little pockets of air in the egg.

The real key, though, is to make sure you have a hot pan with curved edges. The hot helps the egg set early, and the curved edges lets you flip it. You want that thing to be able to slide around the bottom of the pan (so go nonstick of love the butter) so that when you go to fold it over or flip it, half of it doesn’t stay stuck.

Put in whatever you like. I prefer a cheese/meat/veggie combo and in the video, I used fresh-grated parmesan, Italian turkey sausage (cooked before I put it in the omelette), mushrooms, onions and some spinach.

And lastly, flipping an omelette is always an impressive little trick. The motion is a kind of slide forward with a quick jerk back toward you. As cliche as it sounds, it really is all in the wrist. Just practice and prepare for an omelette-covered stove.

And that, is how to make an omelette.