Food Expert Susan Loomis on Bainbridge?

Susan Herrmann Loomis Rachel Berry gave me some great blog suggestions that I’ll be looking into in the near future. One thing she asked I have an answer to now:

Susan Loomis, who has a cooking school, On Rue Tatin, in France , has family in the Seattle area (an old Seattle Times story on her says her brother lives in Bainbridge), and has given classes on Bainbridge.

I read more about her. She used to be a newspaper writer until she attended a cooking school in France, opened a little cafe in Paris, wrote a ton of books and started the cooking school. The more I read, the more excited I got. (Mom, I’m going to France …)

But I have some possibly sad news to report: I contacted her cooking school, and they said that although her summer plans aren’t firmed up yet, she doesn’t have any classes planned in the Kitsap area. I’ll let you know if that changes.

Well, hopefully I can bring better information as I look into a couple more of Rachel’s suggestions next week: where to regularly  buy fresh eggs from local farmers, and an update on the Kitsap Food Co-op .

(Photo by Jon Rowley)