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Local Libations at the Small Farms Expo!

Article in Kitsap Sun this morning about CA wineries struggling with false labels from overseas! Seems that music and software isn’t the only thing being bootlegged!


If you stick around for the Beer and Wine tasting after the expo you can be assured that ALL of the vintners, brewers and cheesemakers are LOCAL. In fact, with the exception of a bit of the Cougar Gold Cheese we will be serving, all libations will pass the 100 mile test! The Beer and Wine tasting will be from 4:30-6:00 and is $12. Can’t make the expo but still want to come taste our local best? We will have tickets at the door!

Westsound Small Farms Expo
February 11th
Olympic College Campus, Bremerton, WA
Info online at http://county.wsu.edu/kitsap/agriculture/Pages/default.aspx

Slow Sunday Afternoon

Being the wearer of many “hats of responsibility” that I am, there isn’t always much time to “mess around” in the kitchen.  Usually I am always in the kitchen with a focus.  I.e. because someone is bleating at me with hunger.  Not yesterday.  Nope.   

I woke up refreshed after a terrific date night with the hubs.  Maybe it was the Jalapeno Popper pizza eaten the night before or maybe watching a good western with my own cowboy sitting on my left, but I was able to approach Sunday with zest!  I woke up at a modest time, started some Tater Soup for supper (I got Idaho roots, ya know), turned out some bread dough for basic sandwich bread, and then scurried off to the late church service.  After lunch, I found myself with a couple of hours to spare.  Kids were not really content and the hubs was catching beauty sleep a power nap.

I. Made. Cheese.

If you have checked into the previous post, you know that we have a cheese making class coming up at the end of the month.  My email box has been on fire with registration information requests (if you haven’t yet signed up, do it now)!  All of this energy and excitement caused me to think that I should at least get my feet wet with the knowlege of making the creamy goodness that cheese is!  I’m not sure that cheese and feet should be in the same sentence.  Now, you must know that I am not teaching the class, but my ever so talented partner in crime, Diane Fish, will be at the helm for this one.  And, let me be the first to tell you that you are in for a treat!

The lazy Sunday afternoon picture is something like this:

And here is what a couple of hours of pure joy produced:

Mozarella on the left, ricotta on the right.  I did this a couple of times.  So, now there is two glorious rounds of mozarella and a nice batch of ricotta waiting in my fridge.  Waiting for lasagna noodles and a jar of my delightful pasta sauce with homemade Italian sausage added to it.  Just waiting for that moment that I can slip back in the kitchen and “mess around”.