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True love … and home grown tomatoes!

“The tomato sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise is, however, a tomato’s highest calling!”

I have posted about this in the past but there is NOTHING BETTER than a tomato sandwich, made with a fresh and warm from the garden tomato, sliced thick.  I came across a post on Eatocracy from a few years back about tomato sandwiches.  We are of the same mind on this – it is the perfect sandwich!  You can’t get this at Panera or Subway – simply because the fresh tomato is a fleeting and seasonal fruit – it doesn’t ship or store well and what makes them so delectable is the fact that they are fresh from the garden!  If you don’t have tomatoes of your own you can get wonderful tomatoes from the local farmers market – these beauties are from Farmhouse Organics in Poulsbo and were at the market this week!

Farmhouse Organics Tomatoes

Where ever you get them, please don’t put them in the refrigerator.  Store them on newspaper in a cool dry place.  Eat them out of hand, make a caprese salad or some bruschetta, or just make endless bunches of tomato sandwiches – on white bread with good mayonnaise.  No substitutions or additions.

While you are eating your sandwich – over the sink – you can listen to John Denver sing his ode to “Homegrown Tomatoes”.  Two things that money can’t buy – true love and homegrown tomatoes!

2 thoughts on “True love … and home grown tomatoes!

  1. Pheasant Fields Farm was at the Poulsbo Market this morning, too. I love those juicy heirloom tomatoes we raise! I had a fat heirloom that split and started to get nasty. I cut that nasty part out and chopped that almost pounder up on top of my Jones Family Farm country breakfast with those grilled potatoes, mix of herbs and bacon. Mike had put a gob of Jose’s salsa on the side and it’s 4:50pm and I’m still full from that incredible plate of taste. Can’t beat it.
    Farmer Nikki

  2. I should clarify that my adding an heirloom tomato to a Jones Family Farm breakfast was a new experience. But as I think about it and my hunger comes back, I want a white bread tomato sandwich really bad…..

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