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Farm History geeking on BKAT

I was working from home today and surfing the channels and came across BKAT and someone was talking about PLOWING!  I stopped and watched and it was “Horse Powered Farm Equipment” featuring a farmer taking a tour of his barn and talking about all the types of old farm machinery.  I also noticed that BKAT is running the “Silverdale Heritage Project” video on Friday, May 20 at 3:30pm.  I have seen this presentation several times and it is an excellent overview of farming in the 20s and 30s in rural Kitsap.  The first half of the program has wonderful interviews with Gerald Petersen, the Allpress gals, Harry Knapp and others about life on the farm in Silverdale.  It is a gem.  You can also purchase a copy of the DVD at the Silverdale Water Department on Newberry Hill Rd. for $20.  I find the last half of the program when they talk about building Bangor and the Mall a bit depressing because there is some wonderful farmland under Macys!

To check the BKAT schedule for information on upcoming airing of episodes of these programs the schedule can be found here! They don’t have the schedule for next week up yet but check back later for updates!

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