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Urban Pantry – kitchen stimulus

I am a cookbook geek.  Cookbooks often litter the surfaces of my home.  Bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen…I am constantly perusing and leaving them behind.  This weekend, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I gathered up my current inspirations in an effort to regroup and de-clutter.

This is where I have been finding my inspiration, right here.  The pyramid of books.  I suppose it is sort of intimate, like inviting you all over for dinner.  These books have been arousing the inner cook in me to create delectable feasts, often referred to in our home as “supper”.

As you are gazing over the titles, you will notice right there at the top, Amy Pennington’s, “urban pantry”.  A witty food writer for the magazine, Edible Seattle, urban gardener extraordinaire, author, and local food champion, Amy is coming to spend an afternoon in Kitsap folks!  She will be the keynote speaker and local food cheerleader at The West Sound Small Farms Expo that Diane and I have been working on.

Talk is cheap, so I decided to give one of her recipes a whirl last Saturday morning.  “Spiced Yogurt Chicken” was the recipe that leapt out at me as I had been thawing one of our chickens in the refrigerator and didn’t want to cook the same ol’ roast chicken.   I went to work like all get out as my children’s eyes grew wider.  Cutting up a whole chicken has that effect on them.  And then, letting them smell each spice before I added it to the chicken, their eyes nearly glazed over.  Together we created a culinary prize!

LOOK at all of that spice people!  Coriander, cinnamon, and chicken…OH MY!  And that was it, rubbed it all together and threw it into the fridge while we ran errands, cleaned house, folded laundry… you know, “Saturday Stuff”.  Popped it in the oven and presto!

We devoured it and the truth is, I honestly can’t remember what I served it with.  It was THAT good!  Amy will have books for sale and will be signing them at “the Expo”.  She will also be presenting a breakout session on building your very own urban pantry.  It will be a day you certainly won’t want to miss!

2 thoughts on “Urban Pantry – kitchen stimulus

  1. Hey Shannon – the chicken looks/sounds delish – I’ll have to give it a try. Do you have a list of what the sessions will be for the Expo yet? thanks!

  2. I can’t wait for Amy to be over here Shannon, thanks for setting it up! Perhaps to brag just a little: My copy of Urban Pantry is autographed and signed personally to me! Now yours will be to, she is super nice and I bet she will sign books at the Farm Expo that you have poured your heart into! I put it on our Facebook today!

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