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Geoducks and Garrison

Garrison Keillor brought “A Prairie Home Companion” to Seattle over the weekend, broadcasting from the Paramount. I didn’t listen to the Saturday afternoon show, but right around five I got a text message saying the Kitsap Sun was mentioned on-air in the closing credits.

Our shout-out was because Jeff Adams, who writes the Sea Life blog (of which Keillor said, “you can probably find online”), was a guest on the program. Jeff, the Kitsap field agent for Washington Sea Life Grant, regaled the Midwesterners with some information about Pacific Northwest marine life, and even brought a geoduck on stage. Hopefully his presentation was similar fare to what’s on his blog, but with more dry jokes about whether geoduck can be paired with lutefisk or served at the Chatterbox Cafe in Lake Wobegon.

I don’t have the whole story behind why Jeff was selected, other than it came together quickly through connections with the Sea Grant. Chris Dunagan may have something on the Watching Our Water Ways blog later today about the backstory, and Jeff said he’ll share geoduck information later this week for anyone who missed the show.

Nice going Jeff! And welcome to all our new Minnesota readers who heard “Kitsap Sun” Saturday and ran straight to Google.

— David