Kitsap ‘Life,’ always changing

Our Sunday features section will have a new look beginning Oct. 7, giving our ‘Life’ pages a more local feel and a little more variety. At a newspaper where there’s always more to do than we have hands to do it with, this change allows for a more streamlined process in-house and a fuller, more engaging features page on our best-read day of the week.

We’ll trade the features that now anchor the Sunday cover each week for a monthly rotation of topics: Books, in our partnership with the Kitsap Regional Library; Well Being, on topics like nutrition, preventive care and medical trends; Getaways, on places and events around the Sound or the state worth seeing; and Photography, to showcase images from Sun photographers or readers.

Each Sunday, the cover story will be dedicated to one locally produced “theme,” with accompanying pieces like book reviews, columns from local doctors or professionals, and other interesting tidbits. Inside each Sunday you’ll find an expanded community planner for the coming week, more community “celebration” announcements, and of course the standards Dear Abby, television listings and puzzles.
Placing more of a priority on the Sunday Life section does come at a cost. We’re dropping the daily features pages and some of the columnists associated with them. A few will remain, though on a less frequent basis, including our columnists writing about food (Ann Vogel), gardening (Ann Lovejoy, Chris Smith and Peg Tillery) and life in general (Jill Pertler).

The Religion page, with Sally Santana’s every-other-week column, will remain on Saturday. The Kitsap Time Capsule, usually seen here Sundays, will now run in the news section along with our Remember When column.

Look for the new section Oct. 7, and let me know what you think.

Note: This column runs in the C section of the Sunday, Sept. 30 edition.

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