Steagall gets his due

I can’t think of a better compliment to lead this post with than what Facebook reader Heather Cooper wrote on our page Friday: “Larry Steagall is boss.”

Indeed, Heather.

Most readers already knew this from looking at the photographer’s work over the past two decades. Larry’s often honored with awards for his shots — he and Meegan M. Reid dominated the National Press Photographer’s Association monthly contests this year — but he’s also a little shy and fairly humble about it.

The Thursday before Christmas we had a little Christmas potluck in the newsroom, and used the event as a ruse to get the notoriously shy photographer some attention. Larry had been awarded the best photo of 2011 by the International Association of Fire Fighters, for a shot from a 2010 fire in Manette (in my neighborhood, no less, which means I actually watched him work that night). And naturally, the guys down at Bremerton Fire knew he wouldn’t show up if they scheduled some kind of ceremony.

Late-night fires are Larry’s specialty (the guy sleeps next to a scanner), and the Sun’s coverage of fires is unrivaled by any news agency that doesn’t have a helicopter, as far as I’m concerned. So we found a way to celebrate the fact that one of his photos from that night is now on the cover of a 2012 IAFF calendar, and the $500 check that comes with the honor. Surprise!

Best of all, Larry finally had to accept an award in front of his peers and get cheered. And here I am letting you in on it, so everyone knows.

Below is a video that reporter Amy Phan took during our little presentation. Larry even cuts the bashful act a bit. Congrats Larry!

5 thoughts on “Steagall gets his due

  1. Larry:-
    well deserved honor. your photography over the years in the sun, makes the publication come alive. thank you for making my reading of the newspaper very visual.

    louis soriano

  2. Mr. Steagall’s pictures are one of the main reasons to subscribe to the Sun. Congratulations!
    Most well-deserved.

  3. It was my honor to work with Larry for several years in the 80s at the Sun. He was a great photographer then, and he hasn’t slowed down one bit. Congratulations to Larry! He deserves it.

  4. It would be wonderful if Larry would publish a book of is photos so we could enjoy looking at them over and over again.

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